Are you interested in becoming a professional dog trainer?

More than 46 million American households own a dog -- more than any other animal, besting cats by about 7.4 million households. And, according to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spend an average of $53 billion per year on their pets, a number which has risen each year since the Great Depression. Training and behavior consulting expenses represent a significant investment for many dog owners.

Becoming a dog trainer provides an excellent opportunity to earn income while directly impacting the lives of companion dogs and their owners. Dog trainers and behavior professionals contribute to their communities by providing education, decreasing dog bites, decreasing relinquishments to shelters, and promoting community awareness of companion animal issues.

Unfortunately, anyone can call him or herself a dog trainer. There are no laws governing who can or cannot advertise themselves as a professional dog trainer. However, becoming a successful and respected professional canine educator takes commitment, diligence, knowledge and hands-on experience.

What is the best way to acquire this knowledge and experience? In our search for qualified canine educators to join our team, we have found a real need for more programs to impart the knowledge, experience and positive, humane training philosophies we demand at Stonebriar Dog Training.

To help provide that education for aspiring trainers in our community, we have developed the Stonebriar Dog Training Canine Educator Apprentice Program. This comprehensive, structured program combines the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience we feel truly prepares one for the demanding, yet exciting and rewarding world of dog obedience training and behavior modification consulting. Upon successful completion, the participant will be able to confidently instruct a variety of group classes from basic puppy and family dog manners to beginning dog sports. Additionally, the participant will be fully prepared to sit for the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers’ certification exam, the first national certification for dog trainers.

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