Thank you for completing registration for your group training class.  Please complete your registration by following the link below to pay for class.  


Preparing for Class

Thank you for choosing a Stonebriar Dog Training group class! We strive to create a safe, fun learning environment for our puppies, dogs, and their owners.  Please read over the information below for more information on what to expect in class, as well as what to bring to your first class. We look forward to meeting you and your pooch!

What to Bring to Class:

  • A hungry dog or puppy!  Please do not feed after 12pm on class days!
  • Your pup's vaccination records, including rabies certificate, unless you have emailed them to us in advance.
  • Rug/blanket/mat for pooch
  • Folding chair for you!
  • Treat Pouch
  • Training Treats/Food Rewards
  • Favorite Toys such as fleece toys, tug toys, or a favorite ball.
  • Training collar--buckle collar, martingale, front attach harness, or head halter.  We do not use slip/choke chains or prong collars in our classes.  For small and toy breeds, or brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs or Boxers, we strongly recommend a front attach harness such as the Easy Walk Harness or Sensation Harness.
  • Leash—no retractable leashes or anything over 6 feet.


When you Arrive:

When you arrive the first night, we will meet you in the parking area.  We will assist you in bringing your class supplies into our training room while your pup waits in the car.  Once your hands are free, you may return to your car to get Fido, and let him sniff the new area and relieve himself as necessary.  Please follow this procedure for all class days.  Hands full of class supplies while you are trying to hold your leash in a new environment could lead to a loose dog, so please do this for your pet's safety.  When you leave class, we reverse the procedure, putting Fido in the car, then returning for your belongings once Fido is safe.  

Please maintain space between dogs before, during, and after class.  Do not allow your dog to approach another dog to sniff--not all dogs will be welcoming of your pup's advances.  Again, this is for you and your pet's safety.  Thank you for understanding.  

Food Rewards: anything your dog or puppy loves! Food rewards should be very small and easily swallowed. No crunchy milk-bone type rewards, please. Suggestions include:

• low-fat cheese
• hot dog slices
• boiled chicken breast
• freeze dried liver
• regular puppy food (in a plastic baggie with pea-sized hot dog bites for added appeal)

Group Class Policies

Attendance in class is very important to your success in training your pet! Please join us for class even if your puppy or dog is unable to attend due to illness, etc. We ask that if your puppy who is enrolled in Junior or Senior Puppy class has had episodes of vomiting or diarrhea in the 24 hours preceding class, please let your puppy take the night off.  Bitches who come into heat during class may attend, but must wear sanitary britches.  Unfortunately, due to our private consultation and group class schedules, we cannot offer make-up classes if you are unable to attend a scheduled class. 

In consideration of their safety, children under age 5 should not attend classes.  Children aged 5-12 should attend only if accompanied by an adult who is not actively handling the dog in class.  Adults are completely responsible for the behavior of their children.

Group Class Guidelines

  • Please do not bring other pets to class.
  • Please turn off all cell phones in consideration of other students. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes to class. Sandals, slides, or dresses are not a good idea!
  • Do not feed your puppy before class. A full tummy may be uncomfortable for your puppy while it is performing our training exercises, as well as decreasing his motivation for the treats you bring to class.
  • Please exercise your dog or puppy outdoors BEFORE class begins. Please bring plastic baggies to clean any messes your puppy may leave. Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is very important, both indoors and out, so please excuse yourself from class if your pet indicates he may need a potty break.





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