Thank you for completing registration for your behavior consulting appointment or training class.  You may complete your registration process in one of the following ways:  cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, or with a credit card using Square in-full at the conclusion of your first class.


Preparing for Training on Stonebriar Farm:

Thank you for choosing to train your pet at Stonebriar Farm! We strive to create a safe, fun learning environment for our puppies, dogs, and their owners.  Please read over the information below for more information on what to expect during your lesson, as well as what to bring with you. We look forward to meeting you and your pooch!

What to Bring to Class:

  • A hungry dog or puppy!  
  • Your pup's vaccination records, including rabies certificate, unless you have emailed them to us in advance.
  • Rug/blanket/mat for pooch
  • Treat Pouch
  • Training Treats/Food Rewards--small, soft, easy to swallow pieces.  
  • Favorite Toys such as fleece toys, tug toys, or a favorite ball.                   
  • Training Equipment--see below.

Training Equipment:

We often recommend different training equipment for different dogs, but there are pieces of equipment we NEVER use: slip/choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, and retractable leashes.  

For young dogs or dogs with no history of heavy pulling, a standard buckle collar or a martingale collar are perfectly fine for class.  If we feel any other choices would be better for your pup, we will help in selecting something more appropriate.

For small/toy breeds, brachycephalic breeds (Pugs, Boxers Bulldogs, etc), dogs who are strong pullers, or dogs who react strongly to people/dogs/cars/bikes on-leash, we strongly recommend a front-attachment harness.  Here are the links to our favorite front-attachment harnesses:

Balance Harness

Freedom Harness

Sensation Harness

Perfect Fit Fleece Modular Harness

We recommend the leashes often sold with these harnesses, which have a snap at both ends of the leash to secure your pup from both the front and back attachments of the harness.  A single snap 4-6 foot leash is also acceptable.  Please make sure your collar/harness, and leash are safe--no frays or potentially breakable areas.  

Pooper Scooping:

Dog waste is not only unpleasant to step in, it's also a vector for disease and parasites.  We strive to keep our facility safe for humans and animals, so please plan to bring baggies or to use the conveniently located scoopers placed throughout our walking and training areas.  Please clean-up after your pet!

Our Address:

Our address is 240 N Hwy 113, Carrollton, GA, 30117.  Your GPS may suggest that you turn off of Hwy 113 onto Sharp Dr.  Please DO NOT do that!  When traveling south on 113 toward Hwy 27, our driveway is the last driveway on your right before you reach Sharp Dr.  When traveling north on Hwy 113 toward Northside Dr/Linda Lane, our driveway is the first on your left past Sharp Dr.  We have a long driveway up a hill, with goats and miniature horses in our front pasture.  

When you Arrive:

When you arrive for your first lesson, we will meet you in the parking area.  We will assist you in bringing your class supplies into our training room or outdoor training area.  We will allow Fido to sniff the new area and relieve himself as necessary.  

Please maintain space between arriving/departing dogs before and after class.  Do not allow your dog to approach another dog to sniff--not all dogs will be welcoming of your pup's advances.  Again, this is for you and your pet's safety.  Thank you for understanding.  

Food Rewards: anything your dog or puppy loves! Food rewards should be very small and easily swallowed. No crunchy milk-bone type rewards, please. Suggestions include:

• low-fat cheese
• hot dog slices
• boiled chicken breast
• freeze dried liver
• regular puppy food (in a plastic baggie with pea-sized hot dog bites for added appeal)

In consideration of their safety, children under age 5 should not attend classes.  Children aged 5-12 should attend only if accompanied by an adult who is not actively handling the dog in class.  Adults are completely responsible for the behavior of their children.

Equine & Goat Residents of Stonebriar Farm

Our horses, goats, and donkeys love visitors, and most visitors love them.  Feel free to approach the fence--it's hard to resist a sweet whinny or the goat calls--but please do not reach over the fence or through the fence.  Fingers can easily be mistaken for cookies...Also, no matter how much any of them beg, please do not feed any of the animals.  They require special diets to stay healthy.  

We do love to help bring the "farm experience" to others, so if you would like to schedule a farm visit or educational tour, please let us know.  We require a signed liability release for farm animal interactions.  


Please feel free to download the PDF of the information above to help prepare for class here.