How We Have Changed

Over the years, we have changed so very much.  Not just our company name has changed--Unleashed K9 during our years in Charlotte, ShadowMe Dog Training during our decade in Cobb County, and now, Stonebriar Animal Behavior & Training on our farm in Carrollton--but our training, our goals, our connection with both our animal and human clients.  For many years, our focus was competitive obedience, then conformation with our Smooth Collies, then a focus on pet training and behavior, and now a shift toward multi-species consulting, including equine, canine, and feline training and behavior.  For all of the name changes, location changes, focus changes, several things remain the same: our commitment to science-based learning principles, our dedication to force-free and pain-free training for all animals, our constant pursuit of education and knowledge, and our pledge to help and improve the lives of the owners and animals who come to us for help.  

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