Does your cat choose the rug rather than the litterbox?

Does the arm of your couch look like its been through the shredder?

Are you afraid to pet your cat because it might bite or scratch you?

Would you like to introduce a new cat or kitten into your home?

Does Kitty terrorize your dog?

Cats and kittens are wonderful companion animals.  According to the Humane Society of the United States, 33% of American households own at least one cat.  Of the households with cats, 52% own more than one.  As with living with any animal, millions of owners often find themselves facing perplexing behavior problems--often without the resources or guidance to help solve those problems. 

The behavior experts at Stonebriar understand both dog and cat behavior.  We offer positive-reinforcement based, humane training and behavior solutions for common cat behavior problems: litterbox issues, spraying, scratching/destructive behavior, human-directed aggression, and aggresion toward other household animals.

Stonebriar can also help you train and socialize your new kitten or older cat.  Cats can be trained in a variety of behaviors such as sitting or coming when called, as well as gently introduced to things many cats do not enjoy, such as grooming, nail trimming, or getting into their kitty carrier. 

Our feline training and behavior counseling takes place in your home, at your convenience.  Beginning with our 1.5 to 2 hour consultation, we take a detailed history and design a plan to address your personal needs.  
Please call today to discuss your cat's training and behavior needs and to schedule your consultation!