Total Recall: 4-week class which focuses on teaching a your dog to come to you quickly and reliably, every time.  

Walk This Way:  4-week class which helps transform your champion leash-puller into an excellent walking companion.  

Spot, Say Hello: Does your dog greet you or guests by jumping up and giving sloppy kisses? Have you ever had an outfit ruined by muddy paws? Teach you pooch to greet people politely with all four paws on the floor. This 1.5 hour workshop utilizes positive reinforcement to teach the polite greetings you have been hoping for!  

Spot, Stay: Staying put is a skill our pet dogs desperately need, but rarely master! A solid stay cue can help with day to day activities such as leashing up, wiping muddy paws, or staying put during meals. Teach your pet to love staying in place in this 1.5 hour workshop.  

Spot, Come: This 1.5 hour seminar is a condensed version of our 4-week Total Recall class. Spend the time learning fun ways to make your dog come when called, every time!   

Tricks: Is your dog a natural showman? Does he love to make you smile with his antics? Then trick training may be just the thing! This 1.5 hour seminar teaches fun tricks such as shake, roll-over, crawl, spin, and weave using positive reinforcement techniques such as shaping and luring.  



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